I play guitar, sing, play around with sensors, bicycles, radios and code. I make music and sound for movies, theater, radioplays, dance and video games. I make guerilla media bicycle performances and organize art bicycle expeditions, in which the environment is explored through performances.

project links

good cop / naughty cop
Il Faut Manger
Volle Band
Waywords and Meansigns
Publiek Ensemble

contact: info[at]sjoerdleijten.nl

removing the entrance (2016)
Sound performance by Volle Band in the Old Church in Amsterdam
based on 'The Entrance' by Robert Ashley.

lurkende wezens (2015)
Fragment of the very first piece by anarchist street ensemble
Publiek Ensemble.

last inua (2014)
Music and sounddesign for videogame. Winner 'Best music
and sounddesign' at the Dutch Game Awards 2014.

fastforward (2014)
A radioplay in collaboration with Eva Kijlstra and Jasper de Bruin.

gc / nc - live in berlin (2014)
Live audiovisual performance by good cop / naughty cop.

stone acrobatics (2014)
Music and sound design for film by Emilio Moreno.

waywords and meansigns (2015)
Excerpt from an audio rendition of Finnegans Wake for waywords and meansigns
in collaboration with Mariana Lanari.

zither smither (2014)
Piece for zither and electronics in collaboration with Aleksandra Popovska.

bakery attack (2012)
A song by Il Faut Manger inspired by a short story by Haruki Murakami.

fast nacht (2014)
Music and sound for movie by de man en de vos.
Winner 'Best Music' at Eindhoven Film Festival 2015.

piece for two bicycle wheels and two guitars (2012)
Piece by good cop / naughty cop.

all the villages were burning (2015)
An electronic rhythmic piece.