The collage piece SONIC COLLECTIVITY has been published on, a network for new and forgotten ways of making radio consisting of autonomous, DIY radio stations across the world. SONIC COLLECTIVITY is a collage piece created from the extensive Trashkot audio archive.
RADICAL MURMUR has been published in COLLATERAL - Online Journal for Cross-Cultural Reading. RADICAL MURMUR is a three-part sonic essay on the political possibilities of sound. We live in an age dominated by images and language. What do we learn about ourselves and the world when we close our eyes and open our ears?
A RATIONAL WORLD has received a tremendous review on music blog A CLOSER LISTEN by Maya Merberg. " "A Rational World" is a masterpiece of a wakeup call. Haunting and riotous, it demands the listener’s attention. And though it elucidates the severity of our crisis, it is not without hope. " Get it here!
Just played with existential backwards soundwalk REVERSE in Detmold, Tarrega and Aix-en-Provence.